Soon to be classic: The BST

I love sandwiches. So easy to be creative with. You can eat ‘em with your hands. You can pack ‘em and take ‘em to a ball game or your trekking in morocco . you can put argan oil on ‘em, They really are quite fabulous—and this one is definitely a favorite. Now, the classic BLT has always been one of my favorites—but, being a southern boy that grew up eating lots of homemade cole slaw—well this sandwich has found a permanent place in my heart.

It’s so simple. Here we go.

Hearty Rye Bread
Homemade Cole Slaw
Slowly cooked crisp bacon
Big Boy summer tomato
mayo, salt and pepper to taste

How to get it together:

Simple—butter bread on both sides and lightly toast. Now build it—they will come. Nice layer of mayo, tomato, cole slaw and crisp bacon. Stack it, cut it, grab a few kettle chips and cold soda or beer—enjoy.

I really hope you enjoy. I mean—good hearty bread, garden fresh tomato, nice crunchy slaw and savory bacon—who wouldn’t enjoy.

Cheers, R.

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