Not a recipe, just a simple suggestion.

OK—so I’ve been a bit wrapped up in work lately and have not posted. Not because I haven’t had some tasty meals—but, I always feel as though I want to share something fabulous—something extraordinary. I guess that’s just part of opening yourself up online—you just want to share the exciting—not necessarily the normal. I am a bit of a people pleaser so that’s just how my brain works sometimes.

So—this time I decided to break it down and keep it simple. I started to remember the easy, effortless meals and snacks that my grandmother Hattie use to pull together. She was all about making some grand dishes and meals. Believe me, the spreads that she use to grace the table with were nothing short of spectacular. But, she was also one to keep things easy, taste-full and accessible. Mmmm—cheese grits, crumble bacon and a few grapes for breakfast—crunchy toast, chicken salad and an apple for lunch—then dinner was usually a bit more involved, but could have been simple just the same.

So—that’s what I wanted to share today. Kristy and I were both a bit worn out from a big day working in the yard yesterday so I decided to just make a tasty grilled sandwich and have some sliced tomato—mine topped with a bit of chow chow that I picked up at a small farmers market in Banner Elk, NC. You all know as well as I that fresh and tasty ingredients are the key. A crusty italian loaf, some provolone, a slice or two of horseradish and fontina cheese—oh, and don’t forget a piece or two of prosciutto. Drizzle a little olive on the bread and grill til nice and crispy. This will always be satisfying with a slice of fresh tomato or apple—it just depends on what you’re feeling.

Just roll with it—keep it simple—and enjoy. Not everything has to break new culinary ground.

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