Tiny, beautiful and full of flavor.

This is all about a fun, beautiful and elegant way to prepare a simple salad. I was recently on vacation with some of my family at Disney—it was wonderful. We had so much fun. While on vacation we had dinner out a couple of nights and on one of those evenings my father-in-law had a wonderful salad—probably one the best I’ve had out.

Anyway—I did not duplicate what he had as far as ingredients—just the prep method. All ingredients where chopped and served petite. It’s beautiful, mixes well, works wonderfully with a light dressing and so textured. It plates so well too—just add some sliced chicken, a piece of fish or some thin sliced flank steak—wow.

I know this all sounds so simple—and it is. So—try it. Be sure to add some fresh leafy herbs—this is a great chance to pump up the flavor with cilantro or maybe a flat leaf parsley. I really think you’ll enjoy—and like I said, it’s beautiful—just look at the picture.